And what must I do for it? I think there will be no problems in that regard also with the RM card. Note to software vendors: Is there a sound quality difference between using ASIO and “wave out”? All programms work together with cubase at the same time.

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Dalet Digital Media Systems.


I want to ask one question. Lynx Cyber Monday Week Sale. But, as I said, there are also cheaper cards with this capability.

Hilo Version 7 Firmware. It errored out when playing a track in Foobar. For applications that require DirectSound support the Version 2 driver should be used.

Hilo Version 5 Firmware. Hilo Firmware 8 Updater Available. Want to have your software on our list? But if I close Cubase I can use all them together. I doubt that anyone can hear the difference between waveout, dsound and asio – unless the drivers are buggy for one of the mentioned output-methods. Establish desired sample rate from Lynx Mixer or External clock source before launching app.


Increase ASIO buffer size to compensate. Hi PaulTech, thank you for the answer. There are a lot of others. In cases where one or the other is required, or offers improved functionality, that is specified in the “Notes” column.

Note to software vendors: The LynxONE is not represented in this list. Hilo Version 6 Firmware.

I am on 32 bit fixed point. I think there will be no problems in that regard also with the RM card. You could try this: So try to set the output mode to bit. I have Lynx L22 windows 7 64 bit and Cubase 8 pro.

Lynx L22 ASIO support – Lynx Support Forum

Must set Lynx card to Internal clock source for standalone operation. But I don’t see your screen shot of the Lynx Mixer. This chart refers to standalone operation.

All programms work together with cubase at the same time. All the way to Samplitude Magix Windows Best performance with version I asik use a Lynx Two for playback only in a nice two-channel rig.


RightMark Audio Analyzer test : [ASIO] ASIO Lynx

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ASIO has some advantages – but i doubt perceivable quality-difference is among them. Just email to arrange for getting us a copy of your software for lyx testing. In Windows, there are two driver packages that are available concurrently, the Version 1 and Version 2 drivers.