I was a yd yard driver. The guys who have picked it up love it, and the few who have had a hit with it also love it. I heard the reviews and had to see for myself. Just point and shoot… Would love to test with different lofts and shafts to custom fit. I was hitting farther as I expected but the roll I was getting from the power was a pleasant surprise. Sure…you probably guessed Jamie Sadlowski.

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My swing speed is only mph but I can hit high. IF you were to read our policy on our site that gplf exactly our warranty and return policy http: Going in I thought it was gonna be the biggest POS ever. Two days ago I received my 9 degree Element.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I always test clubs at the local golf equipment dealers where I can hit them on the range before I decide if I want them. Vince, would golt be better to use another brand of shaft for all of the preordered element drivers?

Golf Driver | | Golf Drivers

Brian 6 years ago. This was a small review he did and the bigger Review with the rest of drivers is going on now and will show all specs and numbers I am sure after they are done with the Big review.


The New Rage Black. The Best of the Best, just got Better! Rusty Bassarab 6 years ago.

Any opportunity to demo some Krank clubs lefty in the Memphis area? I had to try several shafts to find one that would work best for my swing.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Rage and upcoming Element is the lack of distinction on the face. I recd the Element about 3 weeks lback.

Krank Rage Driver – Review

Pete 6 years ago. Todd 6 years ago. Greatly intrigued by this article. I have been wanting to try Krank drivers for a while and I am versatile to as where we can meet.

I recall a Krank golf promo where forum users gave new slogans for Krank, where one person would be chosen to win a new Element driver. Hopefully it all goes as we plan these next couple weeks.

The long drive circuit is all about distance right? I was delighted when Krank announced an adjustable driverthe Element. I would never buy any expensive item bike, car, motorcycle, etc without trying it first. Brett, not supposedly but still no shafts here. Just to give an update, kkrank you all out there, still nothing on shafts from Fujikura.


I would reccomend this club to golfers of all levels. Yes we do get that a lot and working on getting into Golf Smith. Al 6 years ago.

The Club Report – Krank Rage Driver

I’m 32 years old now and I’ve hit some of the longest drives that I have ever hit in two rounds playing with my new Krank Rage. All I can say is WOW!!!! Volf average, I was almost 5 yards closer to the centerline with the Krank than with my gamer 2nd best. If in fact he hit his gamer 4 or 5 yard further I would like to know what it is.

Thanks Krank Golf, you guys have all the top factory brands beat by a mile. The ball jumps off the club face like nothing I have ever seen.

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