During the tests, containers are to contain the amount of substance within their rated capacity producing the most disadvantageous condition. Equipment containing batteries shall be designed to reduce the risk of fire, explosion and chemical leaks under normal conditions and after a single fault in the equipment see 1. During operations performed by a service person, the stabilizing means, if needed, shall either be automatic in operation, or a marking shall be provided to instruct the service PERSON to deploy the stabilizing means. Moreover, such screws shall not be used if they are operated by the user or installer unless the thread is formed by a swaging action. NOTE General-purpose incandescent and fluorescent lamps, with ordinary glass envelopes, are not considered to emit significant UV radiation. If a manual voltage selector is not OPERATOR-accessible, the marking shall indicate the rated voltage for which the equipment is set during manufacture; a temporary marker is permitted for this purpose. There is no test to determine the likelihood of bridging the parts.

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In this adopted standard, reference appears to certain International Standards for which Indian Standards also exist.

Cord guards shall – be so designed as to protect the cord against excessive bending where it enters the equipment, – be of insulating material, – be fixed in a reliable manner, and – project outside the equipment beyond the inlet opening for a distance of at least five times the overall diameter or, for flat cords, at least five times the major overall cross-sectional dimension of the cord.

To minimize testing time, the failure is chosen that causes the highest reverse charging current. The additional force shall be equal to three times the weight of the equipment but not less than 50 N.

NOTE 4 Reverse charging of a rechargeable battery occurs when the polarity of the charging circuit is reversed, aiding the discharge of the battery. The tests are followed by inspection and measurement. One pole of the test generator is also connected to the earthing terminal of the equipment see Figure 2G.

Provide basic insulation and connect the accessible conductive parts and circuits to earth so that exposure to the voltage which can develop is limited because overcurrent protection will disconnect the parts having low impedance faults within a specified time; or provide a metal screen connected to protective earth between the parts, or provide double insulation or reinforced insulation between the parts, so that breakdown to the accessible part is not likely to occur.


Compliance is checked by inspection and by the relevant tests of 2. It is permitted for some parts of a circuit for example, a transformer-rectifier circuit to comply with all of the requirements for selv circuits and to be OPERATOR-accessible, while other parts of the same circuit do not comply with all of the requirements for selv circuits and are therefore not permitted to be oPERATOR-accessible.

NOTE 2 Wound components may contain cemented joints, in which case 2.

IS 13252-1: Information Technology Equipment — Safety, Part 1: General Requirements

In general, the designs commonly used for current-carrying terminals, other than some terminals of the pillar type, provide sufficient resilience to comply with this requirement; for other designs, special provisions, such as the use of an adequately resilient part that is not likely to be removed inadvertently, shall be used.

Compliance is parh by inspection and, where necessary, by a test with the test finger. Safety of optical fibre communication systems lEC The marking of rated operating time shall correspond to normal use.

This has not caused serious injury, because of the use of cadenced ringing and because there are limited areas of contact with bare conductors normally handled by service persons. The different methods of separation fall into three groups, methods 1, 2 and 3.

What is IS (Part-1) on iPhone – Apple Community

The values in parentheses apply to basic insulation, supplementary insulation or reinforced insulation if manufacturing is subjected to a quality control programme that provides at least the same level of assurance as the example given in Clause R.

NOTE 1 When applying the requirements in this standard, hf-1 class foamed material is regarded pqrt better than HF-2 class, and hf-2 class better than hbf class.

I 2, point X. Certain terminology and conventions are, however, not identical to those used in Indian Standards.

Full text of “IS Information Technology Equipment — Safety, Part 1: General Requirements”

If the voltage is 2 V or more, the pxrt power is at a hazardous iis level, unless an overcurrent protective device opens during the above test, or for any other ie the power cannot be maintained at VA for 60 s; 2 the stored energy in a capacitor is at a hazardous energy level if the voltage, U, is 2 13522 or more, and the stored energy, E, calculated from the following equation, exceeds 20 J: The above minimum clearances for connectors do not apply to connectors that comply with a standard harmonized with lEClEClEClEC or lECsee also 1.


In each case, the readings are taken when the input current has stabilized. Compliance is cliecked by inspection and measurement.

It is permitted for basic insulation, supplementary insulation or reinforced insulation in a wound component to be provided by – the insulation on winding wire or other wire see 2. The following types of disconnect devices are permitted: Equipment to be connected to three-wire power distribution systems with earthed neutral reliably identified Earth faults 2 Each line conductor Overcurrent 2 Each line conductor Table 2G – Informative examples of protective devices in three-phase equipment Power distribution system Number of supply conductors Protection against Minimum number of fuses or circuit- breaker poles Location Three-phase without neutral 3 Earth faults 3 All three conductors Overcurrent 2 Any two conductors With earthed neutral TN or TT 4 Earth faults 3 Each line conductor Overcurrent 3 Each line conductor With unearthed neutral 4 Earth faults 4 All four conductors Overcurrent 3 Each line conductor 2.

Such measures are application dependent and paet not dealt with by this standard. During the tests, the equipment is connected to its separate power supply unit, if any, but is not connected to pat mains supply or to any telecommunication networks, and any surge suppressors in primary circuits are disconnected. A sample is subjected to the thermal cycling sequence of 2.

Designers shall take into account not only normal operating conditions of the equipment but also likely fault conditions, consequential faults, foreseeable misuse and pzrt influences such as temperature, altitude, pollution, moisture, overvoltages on the mains supply and overvoltages on a telecommunication network or a cable distribution iw.

Bare parts that present a hazardous energy level shall be located or guarded so that unintentional bridging by conductive materials that might be present is unlikely. The battery is charged under each of the following conditions in turn.

Harm may result from: