For Deadstorm Pirates the Move is superior if you have a gunshell due to it having rumble and there being no need to press any buttons beyond holding down the trigger. We investigated different types of technology and the costs associated with each, and found that a wired Guncon3 made the most sense for us. Items in search results. We all want a real-life groovitron. Show only see all Show only. As we were working on the arcade version of the game at this point, we were able to actually use this prototype when playing the game.

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If you’re looking to save money, try tracking down a used GC I hate the orange colour. I love Time Crisis.

The Terminator 2 game for Sega Genesis was insane accurate with the lightgun thing. The LED panels that the Guncon 3 uses are kind of like a patchwork Wii sensor bar, and the Move is a camera that has much more versatility. I just wish the gun with another colour gincon, I know about the regulations.


Turok demo coming this week to Guncom store. Save guncon 3 sensors to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Skip to main content. This allows the player to focus on one specific action — shooting. Close Comment Card X. Also if it is wireless as well.


We decided to go with a Vs. I loved the original cast of the game…. Although, I may have to import the Japanes version. The Guncon 3 features a “sub-grip”, mounted underneath the barrel buncon extending to the left side for use with the left hand. But the truth is that both controllers suck for 33 FPS mode It features a button below the barrel on either side of the gun buttons Guncoj and B, both performing the same function for auxiliary in-game control, such as to take cover and reload in Time Crisis.

Not too fussed about the colour, but maybe people can get creative with it and put black strips on it or something. I’ll throw in my opinion now that I’ve tried it with both.

They could made it Blue… or white! There were also a lot of questions asking about the color of the Guncon 3 in the US bright orange as opposed to the black version being released in Japan. Unfortunately the wireless solutions we looked into would have made guncob total cost of the bundle prohibitively high, so we decided not to take this route.

Time Crisis 4: Creating the Guncon 3 –

Hopefully the future blogs on this game will provide a lot more information about the final controller and how it works. The Time Crisis series has always had a really broad following with all types of players.

It looks like I have to wait for the trigger to reset before I can pull again. Will this game support either natively or through upscaling. On the software side, we offer two types of calibration to make sure the Guncon 3 is interfacing with the game in the best way possible.


The Guncon 3 utilizes two infrared LEDs as markers, placed on the left and right sides of the screen. Today, I would like to discuss our development process in creating Time Crisis 4 and the Guncon 3 controller. These new buttons served to open new gameplay opportunities, such as character movement in Dino Stalker or the ability to use two guns at once in Time Crisis II.

Finally, there have been a lot of people asking about whether the Guncon3 will work with the PS2 Time Crisis games. With the Move, when I pull the trigger fast, shots don’t register. If you are allowing movement, have you figured out how that will affect multiplayer?

Hi everyone, Takashi Satsukawa here. In addition to finalizing the look of the device, we also had to examine more gunccon items such as wave tests, safety tests, environmental standard tests and durability tests.