Many times a class has embedded classes as attributes. When using the embedded loader – the ExternalDataSource interface should be implemented with its initialLoad method to return an implementation of the com. Please start posting anonymously – your entry will be published after you log in or create a new account. It uses the Cartesian product of the tables data to form the result set. Async persistency via option 3 or option 4 – aka Mirror Service.

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This will make sure the database activity would not increase the rego log size within the space to store large amount of space events that will cause slow space performance space send its activities in async mode to the database via the mirror.

SQL Client

Query performance can be greatly improved by indexing. With large databasethis might take some time.

Object, Person] These should be part of the The Space Component configuration when deployed:. This my affect performance.

In order to achieve this join condition, you can only use a routing djbc. Loading data into the space can be done in the following modes: This will allow you to create more sufficient queries. You will need to perform remote calls when reading from the database.


So far this feature has been very popular with many of our accounts.

Interacting with the Space

Other properties inherited from Calcite jdbc-connect-string-parameters. When writing an object to the space, the object is created in space if it does not exist. SQLQuery interface the preferred approach.

UUID id This would not affect the application performance in great deal as long as your database configured to cope with batch operations. It can be used to pass IJSpace for the embedded space proxy.

I want to compute result on every sub-partition in parallel and that client will reduce results. For more information on how to set logging levels, refer to the Logging section of the Administration guide. This join uses the share nothing approach.

To increase the space capacity we suggest using the partitioned with backup space cluster gigaspwces. The table name is case sensitive. To recover your account, please follow these instructions. Initially, We would be more interested in reading from a database into a spacethan writing to one; in other words, a WorldLoaderService.

Gigaspaces XAP forum requires javascript to work properly, please enable javascript in your browser, here is how. Powered by Askbot version 0. However, indexes consume more resources and impacts the write operations performance.

Can I use GigaSpaces/JDBC as an alternative to JDBC complaint DB? – Gigaspaces XAP forum

Gigaspaces XAP forum requires javascript to work properly, please enable javascript in your browser, here is how. If you need to change the index type of an attribute in a subclass you can override the attribute and annotate it with SpaceIndex using the requested index type to disable indexing use NONE.


See below example for a space class with a nested Map and a nested object fields. The driver performs query optimization if needed and translates the SQL query into Space operations. To create a document we use a Map for its properties. You can also perform a bulk read with templates. You may use as part of the JDBC select statement nested fields.

For legacy applications, it may still be easier than porting existing code to leverage the space technology directly. Please sign in tags users badges help. It is possible to set the Query Processor to run embedded within the application by passing a parameter to the JDBC driver:.