Both can be built with openembedded, the former with ‘bitbake canutils’ and the later with ‘bitbake can-utils’. The best new feature is support for a splash screen on boot. This video has more details, along with a Windows Embedded Compact 7 demo. The patch adds transceiver switch gpio support into flexcan driver, so that platforms that have transceiver switch controlled by gpio can just define property transceiverswitchgpios in their device tree, and then device tree boot just works with it. For example, you can configure the CAN device, setting the bit-timing parameters, via the netlink interface using the program ip from the iproute2 utility suite. Socketcan, the official can api of the linux kernel. Contents [ hide ].

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There exists an incompatibility of sorts between the fledcan L4T Linux kernel version our Tegra BSPs are based on and the newer iproute2-ss from our V2.

Device tree bindings and customization The i. By using this configurations, the platform data for the SPI resp. With the Colibri Evaluation board V3. For more information and source code about this project, refer to http: Note that the canutils come in two flavours, one provided by Pengutronix and a fork thereof, currently hosted at https: Let us know in the comments, or contact us to talk more about how Opal-6 could help you take the hassle out of your new product development. Contribute to torvaldslinux development by creating an account on github.


The FlexCAN module includes these distinctive legacy features: The second component, the CAN transceiver, is external and makes sure electrical specification the physical layer is met. The latest one ive run flexcsn is that it cant send data properly. Hello, sorry for the confusion about the last minute problem with the driver, it was false alarm. MX6 device tree can1: Both can be built with openembedded, the former with ‘bitbake canutils’ and the later with ‘bitbake can-utils’.

The first component acts on the data-link layer and allows to send ddevice receive CAN datagrams. Vybrids variant of the ip has ecc support which is controlled through the memory error control register mecr. Do you use RS in your devices? Sevice the original driver, the clock was requested without specifying the connection id, further all mainline arm archs with flexcan support imx28, imx25, imx35 register their flexcan clock without a.

This adds a driver for flexcan based can controllers, e.

Flexcan net device driver

The opal development kit includes two flexcan channels, and this video demonstrates basic communication using windows embedded compact 7. The former is supported by all Colibri modules. If not enable it and recompile the kernel.

Our last post looked deice CAN bus on the Opal-6 Development Kit and how easy it is to connect to and get a prototype working. MX25 Development Kit image here. In this post, we want to highlight the RS implementation, which also uses the push-wire wire connectors. Once the device tree is setup to use a CAN device, the modules will get loaded automatically.


The managed wrappers support gpio, spi, i2c, pwm and flexcan and come with full source code. When flexcaj comes to software, the Linux driver takes care of managing the transmit enable line.

RS is also supported in Windows Embedded Compact The topaz image binaries and bsps available for download on this page include our standard flexcan driver.

Flexcan device error on imx6q board | NXP Community

It supports standard and extended message frames. We have put together a short video showing the key features along with a quick look at a demo application running under Windows Embedded Compact Socketcan, the official can api of the linux kernel.

The original version of this driver was posted by sascha hauer in july Can1 Definition of the device Common i.