If you want to change how the client communicates with the server, contact the server’s administrators first. Pkshadow solutions answers. Please try again later. The only wallpaper with animated and evolving Fractal Flames. If I change the video driver to x11 it seems to work well but it’s not full screen, any way to change that?

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The default is 0. Is this something that is manually done via screenshot hotkey or does the program have a setting electicsheep enable this?

howto set your background to electric sheep screensaver – Page 3

If you want it to go faster, use the preferences. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. For those who don’t want a screensaver to run over their videos, they just have to do the reverse and check “Disable Now, my screensavers start to run over videos!

I need to make the opacity around 0. If you have installed a screen-saver that supports passing prdferences onto the graphics hack and this feature is enabled, then pressing the up or down arrow-key transmits a vote for or against the currently displayed sheep to the server. Matthew Stout December 12 at 7: Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies.


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However, if I run a mp4 audio file on Windows 10, the screensaver will start normally New app of monday to sunday wishes and blessings to share with everyone. Question owner Mozilla support tells me they electficsheep help me ’cause I’m barking up the wrong tree!! Also, visualizations are eleftricsheep to me, in addition to Milkdrop and Morphyre, I have 3 of the best visualisations ever, from Soundspectrum: What do you think about an Electric Sheep like streaming service?

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However, it only seems to show in the black places of my wallpaper. The xwinwrap takes up the entire screen but the animation is only a portion of the screen in the middle.

Ubuntu Manpage: electricsheep – a distributed screen-saver (version b12)

The remaining packs for flock will be released monthly starting now. After they run out you can get more credits with an in-app purchase for half the price.

For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Does ES automatically save jpegs to folder, my mpeg is obviously full but my jpeg folder is empty. With normal use it should have no measurable impact on the battery, however when it’s first installed and is downloading the initial flock it takes more power.


Gerd 4 solutions 41 answers. If I prefereces the video driver to x11 it seems to work well but it’s not full screen, any way to change that? However, when I click the “Check For Updates” button, I get this message, “An error occurred in retrieving update information.

Zero 0 means there is no minimum. Taylor Hartless December 4 at 8: The new version uses mplayer by default, so it still works with xwinwrap. Could anyone have a bright idea?? If yes, that’d also disable it.

Chosen solution No, I am not clicking once the screensaver has started, I know that would make it stop. I had a hunch that the problem might be Winamp, I am a member of the Winamp forums, but they couldn’t find a solution. This is all happening through preferences btw.

That’s impossible in Windows 10! Modified July 23, at 5: