If the volume is low the quality of the sound is acceptable. The fan, which was sometimes activated for a short time, increased the noise level to There is only one point of critique. Currently, this is also the maximum selectable by Dell’s on-line configuration tool. The 17 inch display with a resolution of x pixels had average measurement results. The cursor keys are a little more at the front and have a distance to other keys.

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Currently Dell offers the Precision M with two display versions. Our personal impression was that the colour representation is alright, but, the colours are not that vivid as of glare type panels. Of course this notebook can handle up to 4GB RAMbut, you can only utilize them, when running a Bit operating system.

Please share our article, every link counts! Especially CAD and various statics tools require to key in a lot of numbers. Temperature Considering the fan characteristics, the measured surface controller of the Dell M are a surprise.

Currently, this is also the maximum selectable by Dell’s on-line configuration tool.

If this is still not sufficient, you can connect an external display netwok the Precision M’s DVI port. Quickly, it turned out that these are vent holes, which support the fans inside the case. Besides being well bright in its centre, whereas the maximum brightness is The other two are at the left side near the back.


Download Dell Precision M Broadcom LAN Driver for Windows XP

In spite of the Dell Precision M ‘s powerful components, it convinced by overall low noise emissions. So, these are ideal for varying demands, e. Together with the maximum brightness this gives a maximum contrast ratio of You might need some nework to adapt to the location of the keyboard, which is rather far to the back of the base unit, even more because this laptop is relatively high.

This is once again a special equipment by the company, which provided us with this notebook. Speakers Although this is only a minor aspect for a workstation like the Dell Precision M, it still provides two speakers m6300 and right at its front edge, whose maximum volume is good. At first we didn’t expect that a big notebook like the Precision M can also have a useful battery runtime.

If you type more forcefully, the keyboard slightly yields and dully clatters. netwwork

Precision M6300 Windows XP drivers

There is only one point of critique. There was only one way out of this state, which was precisiln restart the system. The pad is equipped with three buttonswith an especially big travelwhich proved to be very user-friendly, although you’ll need some time to get used to them.

Even if cooling system runs at its maximum the measured noise level is still only The case of the Dell Precision M is in general the same than the one of the already reviewed Dell Precision M90, which we already reviewed. For enhancing data security the Precision M is equipped with a trusted platform module 1.


Increasing the detail level leads to diminishing performance, which is much more obvious than the performance loss after increasing the resolution. Even if you pick it up at the front edge, which requires well trained forearm muscles, you’ll neither face any deformation of the case nor hear any creaking noises.

With increasing deviation from the ideal horizontal viewing angle, you’ll face a loss of contrast.

Some more words about the design. Video of Display’s Viewing Angles. So, only the operating noise of the hard disk was audible and we measured a noise level of If the volume is low the quality of the sound is acceptable.

The M is a robust desktop replacement computer in 17 inch format. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Afterwards it was no longer possible to access the Windows energy profiles. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.