Those tuners can receive all your HD and premium channels — pretty much everything the cable company offers except for on-demand and pay-per-view programming. This was their reply. Configure the SchedulesDirect or whatever video source; have it pull down your “listing. Ceton’s most recent software will not install on Win Ubuntu up to and including Exit out of the setup, re-start the back-end and test:.

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If not, you can do it after getting the device set up. Usually, if MC can not play it, it’s not in your lineup. Next to that, there will be a link for the Adzpter ID or Pairing Information screen the exact wording will vary depending on your cable operator’s configuration.


For kernel versions 4. Deals found on The Cheapskate are subject to availability, expiration, and other terms determined by sellers.

Reading through that page, does anything look amiss like it couldn’t get a lock on the channel? If you don’t ever get a channel list after like 20 attempts make sure you added a channel listing in the SchedulesDirect interface itself. MythTV can be set to correct for that, so don’t despair!

Found out that Yuner card wasn’t set up correctly by Comcast. I have made adapted RC script that I use on Ubuntu I can’t hear anything but I can see a picture — Video and audio come over the same MPEG feed out of your player, so it’s going to be something dumb like the volume not up on your MythTV machine or in mplayer itself.


Windows Media Center is free, and built right into all versions of Windows 7 except Basic. When I installed MC on 10 it had Verizon, now only shows Frontier, but that shouldn’t make a difference should it? Have you actually tried installing the Win7 Ceton software installer on Win10 machine?

Also just installed the latest update, no change, still the same. Ya adaptwr tried to install the Win7 version but it choked and gave error about only on Win7, even using compatibility and admin. There’s no recording scheduled — Did you attach the video sources to the recorders AND then run mythfilldatabase?

I forget what menu it’s in, but it’s reasonably straightforward.

Views Read View source View history. Configure the SchedulesDirect or whatever video source; have it pull down your “listing. See notes under Discussion for this page. It says “Permission Denied” when trying to do the test playback — Make sure the device itself is readable by everyone. It says “Device or Resource Busy” when trying to do the test playback — There’s something else trying to watch TV at the same time.


The “diagnosis tool” is probably not a driver. When I was using MythTV 0. PCIe supported natively in 0.

This is basically your “TV Guide” that sends the channel listings to your device and what shows are on what channels at what time. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Forum Ceron Started Purchase Support: CNET’s best of This card is incompatible with MythTV versions earlier than 0.

Ubuntu up to and including When I pull up the web interface for the card, it shows the channel copy protection as “none” a cetoon channeland I saw one that says “free” a music channel. If you’re running Ubuntu, this is an add-on package that won’t convert your entire system to a new distro.

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So you really need to find out from your cable provider whether you should have this channel. That sounds like you haven’t installed the driver. Home Download Purchase Support Company.