WAN Setup window will come. From the web browser, open the page http: Type the IP Address ‘ After successful reboot click on the “Diagnostics” link on the left side they you should see the “PASS” status as shown in the following figure. Abhishek I have solution for your problem. At the end you will observe EDIT button.

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You will see the following configuration.

I suggest using an IP address such as Ut300r2u successful login the following screen will be displayed. Click on the “Edit” Button if there is an entry in the right side table.

Click on the “Advanced Setup” link in the left side of the window. It will bxnl for username and password. Then it will display Device Info window as shown below.

Mine is 42 characters long.

Write Program: Right Configuration of BSNL Modem Type UTR2U

Make a note of it. Originally Posted by abj1. Are you lost with your internet with the wrong configuration of your Uh300r2u modem. Type the IP Address ‘ Then select Obtain an IP address automatically.


Fill exactly the details mentioned in the above figure and click on the next button will show the following screen. I hope that this information will help you.

Ut300d2u email address will not be published. K as shown below. Can we use this modem for torrent downloading? I am not very up-to-date with torrents. From the web browser, open the page http: Results 1 to 19 of Send me a message. By prakashgis in forum BSNL broadband.

Suppose that both lappy support wireless connectivity.

How to configure PPPOE mode in UT300R2U, WA3002G4 adsl routers for BSNL DATAONE

Failing on the last step Thanks for this very detailed and well-written guide. Then the following screen will be displayed. Hi, Could you pls let me know how can I connect my Ut300r2h with my laptop using the wireless adapter which is attached to my PC.

Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Don’t worry here is a step by step approach to configure the BSNL Modem and make your internet working. At the end you will observe EDIT button. Originally Posted by nevinjohn. Remember one important thing that is all computers in LAN must have same workgroup.


Utstarcom ut300r2u driver for windows 7

As long as port is open and internet is working, your torrents will work. It could also mean that the ISP authentication server is down and unable ut300r2u verify credentials. BSNL people will provide and install Modem, splitter, phone line connections etc; at the time of new connection.