Additional information is available online at www. Also, port and direct gasoline injection is future-proof: In this way, Bosch helps automakers to reduce the cost of development and testing, get products ready for production earlier and thus reduce costs. Unlike conventional open-loop controlled injection, the control unit and high-pressure injectors constitute a closed loop in this setup. In this segment, Bosch is growing by 50 percent annually, and currently generates sales of 1. Precise media pressure measurement for gasoline direct injection, natural gas and hydraulic systems. This includes technology for fuel supply, fuel injection, air management, ignition, engine management and exhaust-gas treatment.

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In this approach, a higher exhaust-gas velocity at low engine speed brings forward the operating point of the exhaust-gas turbocharger. Global logistics and large-scale production facilities on all continents ensure fast delivery to the customers.

Thus, the control unit can calculate the actual injection quantities of each injector jnjector make adjustments where necessary. Natural gas compressed natural gas — CNG stored under high pressure is supplied by way of the pressure regulator in the fuel rail.

With its good mixture homogenization, the system generates fewer particles, has lower noise levels and consumes less fuel in situations with low engine load thanks injectlr its lower friction loss compared to direct injection. Local contacts, in the Bosch sales offices or as a resident engineer at the manufacturer’s facility, provide close customer support on an end-to-end basis. In the future, increasing pressure to more than bar could bring further advances. Decide which cookies you want to allow.


When starting the engine, fuel pressure is increased to allow a more homogeneous mix to be created. High-pressure sensor for gasoline and CNG systems Precise media pressure measurement for gasoline direct injection, natural gas and hydraulic systems. High-pressure injector – solenoid valve Direct injection for gasoline engines.

Downsizing entails a reduction in engine displacement, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and associated Injectir 2 emissions. You can change those settings at bsch time.

Due to its local presence, Bosch is familiar with the specific requirements of each market and is able to meet them locally. Only fresh air flows into the intake port through the open intake valve.

Gasoline direct injection

This solution reduces fuel consumption and, in turn, CO 2 emissions without compromising power output. CO2, CO 2, Gasoline. X Privacy settings Decide which cookies you want to allow. The Mobility Solutions business sector pursues a vision of mobility that is accident-free.

Gasoline injection systems – Bosch Media Service

CVO also enables minute quantities of fuel to be injected within minimal tolerances. Bosch is the world’s largest manufacturer of injectors, supplying some 70 automakers worldwide with its systems. Bosch supplied its first valve inwhen most vehicles were still equipped with hosch. Systems and components for automatic transmissions An increasing demand for comfort and safety drives the global technological shift from manual to automatic transmissions.

InBosch supplied more than 5 million gasoline direct injection systems.


Open valve injection thus makes a higher rate of compression possible. In gasoline port-fuel injection, the air-fuel mix is created outside the combustion chamber, in the injection manifold.

Maintenance Communication –

Fuel consumption can be reduced by 2 percent in this way. At locations across the globe, Bosch employs some 64, associates in research and development. Inroughly 60 percent of all newly manufactured vehicles featured gasoline port-fuel injection. The injection valves are selected in such a way that the engine’s fuel requirements are covered at all times — also under full load and at high speeds.

The proportion of vehicles with gasoline direct injection is set to increase further in future. Bosch is regarded as the pioneer of gasoline direct injection. Since then, the supplier bowch manufactured more than 1.

Gasoline injection systems

Injector for CNG systems The natural-gas injection valve NGI2 is used in civil automotive applications with systems with intake-manifold injection in suction engines or in charged engines. To do so, it transforms the electrical energy from the battery into an ignition voltage and provides this voltage to the spark plug at the ignition point. Even in electrical powertrains, port fuel injection will still play a role.

Only properly functioning injectors can provide motorists with an assurance of: