Pass your hands through the path of the laser beams to trigger streams of musical notes vocals or sound effects harmoniously paired to play with each songs background rhythm track. Beamz music encompasses all music styles and genres – rock pop jazz blues classical dance hip hop club – no ones music interest is left behind. This sport feature a six pace video game and on its part has a lighting that blinks whenever you got the right combination. The Beamz Interactive Music System has been recognized by media experts as a hot gift for tweens an innovative teaching tool for music educators and an extraordinary product for anyone to make music. The laser beams are on, but when I touch a beam nothing happens. For best performance, connect the Beamz unit directly into a USB port on your computer.

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Thanks for your visit our website. All of the music you create with The Beamz C4 can easily be recorded and played back with the included software. Reviews 0 Write a review zwbzqscewcxttsvydsccyvyvey. Now connect your Beamz unit to your computer and confirm mkdel the USB cable connection to the computer and the Beamz unit is not loose.

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This unfortunately happens if a unit was handled improperly somewhere in the shipping process. Beamz music encompasses all music styles and genres – rock pop jazz blues beazm dance hip hop club – no ones music interest is left behind. The ShadowBeamz interactive music game requires Adobe Flash From the Manufacturer Welcome to the interactive music revolution.

Toys cause forthwith evolved a new age definition, they are not reasonable designed to jetty and disport only they’re one and exactly the same advantageously factor of educational action and coaching methods excessively. Assuming that your software and hardware have been installed properly and the Beamz was working before just fine, it is likely that one or more of the laser beam sensors are being flooded by an external light source.


I just installed a song that I downloaded from the Beamz web site and it is not available in my master playlist. The safety of electronic toy is really a vital heirs with regards to volley operated toys for children. Connect the Beamz to your computer and load a song.

The store will have the following information. It results in an occupying viewpoint to wait at the playthings beanz result in equalled hailed equally the all but simple and desired electronic playthings.

Make sure your Beamz unit is on a flat, stable, level surface and the controller arms are securely inserted into the Beamz base. So I suggest you to buy this.

Just click OK and the software will continue to load, but the Beamz unit will not come on. The Beamz songs are taking a long time to load.

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The Beamz interactive music song library includes top hits party favorites and original works from Grammy Award winning artists. Some laptop models have default power management settings to disable i. You click to Buy For Check prices here. This sport feature a six pace video game and on its part has a lighting that blinks whenever you got the right modeel.

The Beamz Player software for the model C4 v2. With the Beamz player interactive music system you can arrange create and play music like never before – everything is setup for you to sound great no matter how you touch the lasers and play the light.


We have a tendency to collect important info of buy Beamz C4 Interactive Music System on our web site.

A unique musical instrument with 4 lasers Fun for all ages, great for beginners and advanced musicians No AC adapter needed, gets power from the USB port Break the beam for an instant to trigger a single note, block the beam longer to play several notes A large variety of sounds, instruments, songs, and styles Easily record your performance, playback, and share your recordings with the included software Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

It is extremely important scrutinize toy labels to make sure safety. The included software features a number of original and hit songs that you can play with The Beamz C4. The Beamz interactive music system allows you to do things with music videos and games that you have never been able to do before!

Disconnect your Beamz from your computer, remove the arms and then reinsert into the base. You might try to look for related products and commonly will help you to choose order by clicking on the button or link below. The Motion Picture Exclusive Phase. Interact with music videos and join the band by adding music or sound effects to video song while it is playing. Make use of the mammoth selection of new electronic toysBe the first to review this item.