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I’ve never seen that before but maybe LGA is different. Obtaining The Bios Update File Connecting Fan And Power Cables Supported Operating Systems Fan Connector Current Capability Pme Wakeup Support Back Panel Connectors Intel g Graphics Subsystem Dc Loading Characteristics Diskette Drive Controller Detailed System Memory Address Map It’s best to buy a processor that comes with the small snap-on backing protector blackwhich can be used later on to store it if you change processors.

Chassis Intrusion Connector Pci Bus Terminology Change It can be protected against changing it. A Error Messages And Indicators Replacing The Battery Removing The Processor Pci Express Connectors Location Of Fan Headers Error Messages And Beep Codes Component-side Connectors Shown In Figure 19 Lower Nibble High Byte Functions Atapi Cd-rom Connector optional Like it will do this if – and that if Summary Of Board Differences Keyboard And Mouse Interface Salem, MO My Country: Bios Flash Memory Organization Table Of Contents Bios Setup Configuration Jumper Settings Dgav Board Dimensions Bios Setup Program Menu Bar Since the LGA processors do not have pins on them [the motherboard does]simply scraping the bottom of the processor could wear off the solder like connectorsof which there are Front Panel Header Signal Names Connecting Power Cables Pci Ide Support